The Shipping Days Show is organized by the SHIPPING DAYS Association, 141 Boulevard Émile Delmas - Maison du Port -
17000 La Rochelle. SIRET 904 159 126 00013 – Receipt Declaration W173009587 • Mail :

Art.1 – Conditions of admission and participation
Organizations wishing to exhibit have been made aware of this Regulation and accept it without reservation, as well as those established on a complementary basis by SHIPPING DAYS and the requirements of public law applicable to events organized in France. They accept any new provisions that may be imposed by the circumstances and that SHIPPING DAYS reserves the right to serve, even verbally, to the exhibitors and this in the interest of the manifestation.

Art.2 – Registration formalities
Registration of the exhibitor and participant is done online at, before FEBRUARY 23, 2024. 
Applications arriving after this date will be placed on the waiting list, in chronological order of applications for admission, and locations will then be allocated on a prorated basis. The Dossiers will be submitted to SHIPPING DAYS which will decide on the admissions and, in case of refusal, will not have to give reasons for the decision which it will notify to the candidate.
Under no circumstances the refused applicant will not be entitled to any compensation by taking advantage of the fact that his membership has been requested by SHIPPING DAYS.

Art.3 – Participation rates
Exhibitors are strictly forbidden, unless agreed with SHIPPING DAYS, to sell, sub-lease or share all or part of their stand for free or for a fee. The amount of the reservation is due upon registration and it is only validated upon receipt of the total payment including taxes. SHIPPING DAYS reserves the right to put back on sale the stand in case of non-payment of the payment within the time allowed. All tariffs may be revised by the Organiser if the economic conditions (increase in the costs of materials, raw materials, labour) were significantly increased between the date of the request and the opening date of the show.

Art.4 – Payment terms 
Exhibitors and participants must pay 100% of their total participation upon receipt of invoice. This amount is payable in cash by credit card or bank transfer. In the event that the stand is not fully paid by the opening date, SHIPPING DAYS reserves the right to dispose of the site and will not be obliged to refund the exhibitors of the sums already paid. 

Art.5 – Cancellation
In case of cancellation by an EXHIBITOR applicant before 31 DECEMBER 2023, the organizer retains as compensation an amount equal to 50% of the total invoice. As of January 1st, 2024, all monies due for the reservation will be retained as a termination benefit. In case of cancellation by a PARTICIPANT applicant before 22 JANUARY 2024, the organiser will refund 100% of the total invoice. 
As of January 23, 2024, all amounts due for the reservation will be retained as a termination fee.

Art.6 – Installation and décoration of stands
Exhibitors will take the premises as they find them and will have to leave them in the same condition. They will be charged for any damage caused by their facilities and decorations. The plans of the show are drawn up by SHIPPING DAYS which distributes the locations in the order of the inscriptions, taking into account as much as possible the wishes expressed.
If for imperative reasons, SHIPPING DAYS is obliged to partially modify the locations or installations, no complaint will be admissible and the exhibitors undertake to comply with the decisions taken.
It is suggested that exhibitors create an attractive stand that complies with the special standards of stands layout. The stands must, during opening hours, be permanently occupied by a representative of the exhibiting company (including during lunch time). 
Exhibitors will be required to respect the dimensions of the indicated partitions for the layout of the stands. In case of specific arrangement, SHIPPING DAYS must be informed by the exhibitor in order to maintain the general spirit of the event.
All stands will need to be fully set up and the exhibits set up on time. For imperative safety reasons, there are no spaces reserved for the storage of packaging, exhibitors must provide for their removal before the opening of the show. Any violation of this clause will be punished. Set-up can start on the date indicated by SHIPPING DAYS. Each exhibitor shall himself provide for the transport and reception of the materials intended for him. Exhibitors must comply with the instructions for the regulation of the entry and exit of goods and in particular for the movement of vehicles of all kinds within the exhibition grounds.

Art.7 – Stands Management
Before the beginning of the period of arrangement, no material can be introduced into the enclosure of the salon, no parcel or shipment can be received. During the installation period, the material may be freely introduced under the sole responsibility of the exhibitors. Exhibitors are responsible for both the material they display and the material they have rented and that is on their stand. SHIPPING DAYS disclaims all liability for the loss or deterioration of the rented equipment which would not be removed by the companies within the limits prescribed.
In the event that an exhibitor has not fully vacated his stand at the appointed time, he undertakes to pay the additional rental that could be claimed from the organiser as a rent increase for long term occupancy, without prejudice to the measures which the owners of the place reserve to take to proceed with the release of the premises.

Art.8 – Sound démonstrations – noise
All loud demonstrations, use of sound systems or other means is strictly prohibited on the exhibitor’s stand outside a soundproofed booth or an enclosed space meeting such standards that no inconvenience could be caused to the exhibitor’s immediate surroundings.

Art.9 – Advertisement – Program – Prospectus
The contact details for the official catalogue will be provided by the exhibitors under their responsibility. The organizer will in no case be responsible for omissions, errors of reproduction, composition or other, that may occur.
The distribution of flyers, brochures, catalogues, printed matter or objects of any kind is prohibited both inside and outside the lounge. It is only allowed on the exhibitor’s own stand. Exhibitors may not object to the taking of general views of the show, nor to their sale.

Art.10– Insurances
SHIPPING DAYS is responsible for civil liability in its capacity as event organizer. Under no circumstances may this liability extend to damage caused by third parties to visitors or exhibitors. Each exhibitor shall be liable for all damage caused to others either by himself or by his staff or his facilities. It must be covered by an individual liability insurance policy. The exhibitor is not insured by SHIPPING DAYS against theft, fire and water damage. All exhibitors must take out a compulsory insurance in all damages for their own property on the value of the installations and contents exhibited for which SHIPPING DAYS disclaims all liability.
He must submit a certificate of insurance taken out with a reputable and solvent company.

Art.11 – Various provisions
SHIPPING DAYS may also change the opening and closing times and dates of the show, reduce or increase its duration without giving rise to any claim for compensation. SHIPPING DAYS shall have the right to rule on all the cases provided for in this Regulation. All decisions will be made without appeal and immediately enforceable. Any breach of any of the provisions of this Regulation may result in the immediate, temporary or final exclusion of the infringing exhibitor without the latter being entitled to any refund or compensation.

Art.12 – Force major
In the event that, for reasons of force majeure (very bad weather conditions, exceptional events such as strikes, viruses, attacks...), the fair cannot take place, the exhibitors undertake not to claim any compensation from the organizers. All sums already paid or due on the date of cancellation will remain the property of SHIPPING DAYS for the payment of expenses already incurred, the remaining sums will be distributed among the exhibitors in proportion to the sums paid, without them being able to exercise any remedy whatsoever against the organiser.

Art.13 – Compétent court
In the event of a dispute, the Commercial Court of La Rochelle shall have sole jurisdiction, the French text of this Regulation being authentic.